Solveig Halvorsen


Solveig Halvorsen

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One of my key motivators is to see the aliveness and happiness of other people. The moments where you are fully you, experiencing new aspects of yourself and being conscious about your choices in life. Choices that has an impact on how you feel and how you live - whether it is about work, studies, family i.e. it all seems to be interlinked. There are several reasons that made me choose to specialize in Co-Active Coaching. This program offers a comprehensive training in coaching, in addition to a lot of fun and space for creativity. Co-Active Coaching is about exploring yourself and live accordingly. It is like a life philosophy by the belief that every person is naturally creative resourceful and whole. What also motivates me is the joy and energy I get from supporting you gain confidence in yourself to make the desired change to achieve your goals. I am caring, respectful and a good listener. As a coach will find me curious, present and committed to you as my client. My background in short Before I started in Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in 2003, I worked 11 years in advertising, project and event management for Leo Burnett Advertising, McCann Ericsson Advertising and Scandinavian Design Group. Then it was about time to move on, I needed another focus to have a fulfilling life. After joining MSF, I quickly realized my passion lies in working and connecting with people. A natural step has been to work with HR in different ways, both on the field, in HQ, board and by giving training. To develop further, get more tools and skills to support other people in their development and living their life, I started with coaching. During 2016 I completed my one and a half year CTI Co-Active Coaching training ending with my certification. Reaching that level allowed me to take the exam at The International Coaching Federation (ICF), which gave the accreditation as an Associated Certified Coach (ACC). Today I have clients who wants to get clearer answers, find their direction, develop their competencies, leadership, grow their confidence and get more self awareness + many other topics. I'm offering coaching internally in MSF as well as external/private clients. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and a sample session. I work in both Norwegian and English. Warm regards, Solveig



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