Dato - 29 November, 2023
18:30 - 20:30


The Future of Coaching: Influencing change and cultivating connections through turbulent

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ICF Norway is delighted to welcome two coaches from Accenture, Berit Öhn (MCC) and Matt
Farrar (CPCC), on their work on the future of coaching. This is an important webinar for coaches who
want to discover how to proactively not only shape the future role of coaching but also influence
change itself.

Berit and Matt want to challenge all coaches and the coaching industry to become more proactive in
forming the industry’s future.

The Future of Coaching

They say the pace of change is speeding up. So why doesn’t change feel much like progress right
now? Some might feel frozen out by politics, enfeebled by technology or unconscious about our
interconnectedness. The development of our inner world hasn’t kept pace with progress in our outer
world. Without the expansion of our inner capacity, a new force like AI can look more dystopian than
utopian for our future. It’s time for coaching to step up and find a new gear.

In this session we’ll explore three global shifts set to significantly impact how we live and work over
the next decade. We’ll unpack what these forces might mean for the coaching industry and how
coaches might initiate and not just respond, to help clients shape a future that feels fulfilling,
resilient and deeply connected.

1. Technological shift: AI and the 5th Industrial Revolution
2. Political shift: BANI times (brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible)
3. Social shift: Non-linear life paths

Some of the takeaways you can expect from Berit and Matt’s influential work are:
 Challenging your perception of self, your client’s context and the world,
 Become aware of new possibilities for using your skills and abilities,
 Positioning yourself to go after new work and projects aligned to your purpose .

CCE points will be available!

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